The Basics

  • Ticker: MUT

  • Chain: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSCMAINNET)

The Basics

MINI UTOPIA is the Powerful token that powers the Mini Utopia ecosystem.

Earn Mini Utopia Token from Farms and Pools, win, or buy it on the exchange, then explore its use cases:

  • Use it in Yield Farms to earn more Mini Utopia

  • Buy Voting tickets in the Mini Utopia Tickets​

  • Create your MIni Utopia NFT and Propose an NFT Sell.

  • Vote on NFT's Proposal relating to the Mini Utopia ecosystem

Mini Utopia is a simple supply governance token. Mini Utopia holders will have voting power on NFTs, fees, and distribution of earnings on this and all future Yamp products

But that's not all -- there's much more on the horizon for MINI UTOPIA!

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