Mini Utopia
General FAQ

Why does MIni Utopia exist?

Mini Utopia enables NFT Holders and Creators to create value (based on token value) for their corresponding NFTs based on the Number of Votes (Interest People have), meaning the price of the NFT is determined by the ecosystem thereby making the NFT valuable.

What problems does Yamp solve?

Most NFT holders Don't really know the Value an NFT is Worth at the moment. Mini Utopia solves both of these problems by allowing voters to determine the price of the NFT Based on How Much Interest People Have in it.

What networks does Yamp operate on?

Yamp will initially run on the Polygon MATIC Mainnet network, with plans to cover Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, pairs.

How does Yamp generate yield for users?

Liquidity providers on AMMs (like PancakeSwap) earn yield from transaction fees and liquidity mining. Yamp allows users to greatly Earn yield by partaking in the Ecosystems activities Like Voting, Staking, Etc.
Last modified 4mo ago