Mini Utopia Token FAQ

What can I do with the Mini Utopia token?

Mini Utopia is a governance token that controls all the reserve income generated by the Mini Utopia NFT markets across all supported networks. Holders will have the ability to receive this passive income (While Participating), as well as governing the future of the project.

Do Mini Utopia holders receive Payments from NFTs?

NFTs income is automatically split, with owners collecting at least 80% and Mini Utopia collecting up to 20% of each payment. This revenue can be adjusted by governance for further optimization.

What is the Mini Utopia total supply?

There is a max supply of 1B MIniUtopia Token. A detailed explanation of token economics and release schedules will be published.

Where can I buy Mini Utopia Token?

You will finally be able to purchase Mini Utopia Token on Decentralized Exchanges.

like OneSwap

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